T.O.Y Bags

8B308F65-0EA7-4C47-B522-8C58BA17D203I wanted to quick share these little T.O.Y (Thinking of You) bags I made for the kids before we leave on our two week trip to Europe. For each day we are gone, I made them each a little treat bag with a little treat or toy and special note. Just a little something to pass the time and know we are still thinking about them even though we are vacationing in sunny Greece!! Not to mention they LOVE ❤️ getting little presents.

AB5B6EE6-428A-491B-A306-578112381C6609BC8D29-1E03-4DDA-9154-CDC03B7CF891It wasn’t really much effort…the boys are really into hockey cards right now so I put a pack of cards in for each day, along with some of the other little goodies. Some of the days included: bracelets, stickbots, fruit snacks, lollipops, shopkins, squishes, and stationary. I really just went with all the little things they are currently loving.

A06BDFEF-71D9-4204-AA10-FFD607B3C128.jpg9239BEE9-C2E5-4300-AAFE-05488B9E67889B5BDC05-09DB-4263-BF3E-2C76317E2121.jpgThe last day I got them some balloons (which they go crazy for) for a little welcome home party!



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